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Simple. Convenient. Functional. Affordable.

Our Story

RuleOne was developed to provide our customers the most streamlined, cost-effective eDiscovery application on the market.

With our cloud-based review tool and effortless drag and drop functionality, users now have the ability to process, review and produce documents much more quickly and easily. That means a lot of time and money saved over reviewing in hard copy, PDF and/or Outlook formats.

Our users are finding success with RuleOne’s straightforward functionality. No more technology to learn, expensive software to license or third parties to engage.

RuleOne was inspired by a Litigator who believed eDiscovery applications were too complicated to use and too expensive for the everyday attorney. 


RuleOne delivers on the promise to provide a easy to use application at a fraction of the costs of traditional eDiscovery platforms while meeting  the needs of attorneys and paralegals.


RuleOne Headquarters are in Kansas City Missouri.

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